Senrio’s IoT firmware security checklist

Senrio has a blog post with a list of firmware security tips for IoT devices:

5 Tips for Better IoT and Firmware Security

In this new wold of “the Internet of Things” and billions of networked embedded devices,  it is crucial for device manufacturers to bake security into their new designs before they leave the factory. Here are five tips from a team of security researchers who make a living reverse engineering (hacking) into IoT devices on behalf of industry clients.  […]

Senrio+Xipiter 0day for MANY D-Link devices

[…] In our last post we talked about a vulnerability discovered in the D-Link DCS-930L Cloud Camera. Since then the Senrio Research Team has been working closely with the D-Link Security Incident Report Team. Below we disclose technical details of our efforts.  […] What does that mean in terms of exposure to consumers? In a collaboration with Shodan we discovered 400,000 devices publicly accessible that could be affected by this 0day.  […]

Joe Fitzpatrick joins Xipiter

I didn’t know about this company until today. It looks like Joe Fitzpatrick of SecuringHardware is or soon will be joining them:

It appears Xipiter does security training, including Intel- and ARM-based hardware-level courses, including at upcoming DEF CON. They appear to have an upcoming Android course in the works, related to the Wiley Android Hacker’s Handbook, which has a nice chapter on ARM firmware hacking. They have other services besides training, and some hardware products as well.