Spring UEFI Forum agenda announced

The UEFI Forum Spring event is happening in Tacoma.WA.US this coming week. They just announced the presentations for the event:

* Zachary Bobroff, AMI – PreBoot Provisioning solution with UEFI
* Kevin Davis, Insyde – System Prep Applications, A Powerful New Feature in UEFI 2.5
* Olivier Martin, ARM – Porting a PCI driver to ARM AArch64 platforms
* Lief Lindholm, ARM – Demonstrating a common EDK2 pltforms & drivers tree
* Dick Wilkins, Phoenix – UEFI FIrmware – Securing SMM
* Gabe Stocco and Scott Anderson, Microsoft – Windows Requirements for TPM, HVCI and Secure Boot
* Jeremiah Cox
* Vincent Zimmer, Intel – Filling UEFI/FW Gaps in the Cloud
* David Box, Intel – An overview of ACPICA userspace tools
* Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud, HP – Firmware in the Datacenter: Goodbye PXE and IPMI. Welcome Http

Typically, the UEFI Forum makes slides for these presentations available on their web site a few weeks later…

More information:


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