LegbaCore releases new firmware research at RSA Conference

LegbaCore gave a firmware security talk at last month’s RSA Security Conference. The presentation materials and some video, are online.

LegbaCore, along with Invisible Things Lab are IMO the top two firmware security firmws, so when they release substantial new research like this, everyone should pay attention.

(If you attended my LinuxFestNorthWest talk last month on firmware security tools, the advise the LegbaCore covers in this presentation is much more detailed than what I covered.)

This is probably the best advise available to date for enterprises to protect themselves from bootkits. More up-to-date than the NIST SP guidelines or any other best practices that I know of. Everyone involved with protecting enterprise systems needs to study this carefully.

Title: Are You Giving Firmware Attackers a Free Pass?
Synopsis: Yes. Yes you are. Because you’re not patching away the vulnerabilities we and others have found and disclosed, and you’re not inspecting whether anyone has infected your firmware. This talk provides an introduction to firmware threats & capabilities. But because it is longer than previous talks like “Betting BIOS Bugs Won’t Bite Y’er Butt?”, a special emphasis is placed on including actions organizations can take immediately to mitigating firmware vulnerabilities and infections, above and beyond patching.

More Information:


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