AMD partners with ExactTrak to improve security

ExactTrak signs deal with AMD to secure mobile data. Press release:

28 May 2015, London: ExactTrak, the makers of Security Guardian, today announced it has signed a deal with AMD to allow its Security Guardian technology to be embedded in AMD processors to protect against the loss and theft of mobile data. Launched in the UK three years ago, Security Guardian by ExactTrak is the only USB key that allows users to turn on and off, or destroy data remotely without the USB being connected to a host device or the internet. With its battery, GPS, GSM and satellite functionality, users can track the location of Security Guardian and send instructions to the key via a cloud-based management console. Companies who equip their employees with Security Guardian USB keys can control them individually from the management console regardless of the mobile device they choose to use. This includes turning on, off or destroying the data irrevocably, limiting the times or locations in which the data can be accessed and monitoring when information on the key has been added, deleted, copied or printed. Roy Taylor, corporate VP of Alliances at AMD, commented, “In addition to the innovative technology, it was the commitment and determination of Norman and the ExactTrak team that sealed the deal for us. Data and the number of mobile devices are increasing every day which makes mobile data security a very real challenge for businesses and one that we’re happy to be working with ExactTrak to tackle head on.” Norman Shaw, Founder and CEO of ExactTrak, commented, “This deal with AMD represents a step-change in how organisations view mobile data and we believe it has the teeth to enable mobile data security on a global scale. We’re excited about providing an exclusive range of security modules for AMD’s highly advanced processors later this year. We’re also looking forward to working closely with AMD’s partners to make global data security a reality in the very near future.” ExactTrak and AMD expect to begin embedding Security Guardian mobile data security modules in AMD chips in the coming months with the view to devices hitting the market later this year.

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