VZ recent blog posts

Vincent Zimmer of Intel has been busy blogging the last few days… 🙂

His personal blog has a few topics related to UEFI. He talks about evolving EFI-based procotols, using hardware interrupts in the polled driver model-based UEFI OS, and MdePkg library design, and Intel TXT along with Secure Boot and Measured Boot, and member of a recently former Intel employee, George Cox, who recently passed on.

At work, Vincent wrote a blog for the Intel Firmware blog. In this blog post, he covers some background on the “Beyond BIOS” white paper series that they’ve been doing for a decade.

(These are both blogs I follow, and I’ll list on the blogroll once I figure out how to use WordPress to expose the blogroll.)

There are MANY links in these two blog posts, a few of them are new. Worth reading, if you care about UEFI on Intel.

More Information:


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