CHIPSEC v1.2.0 Released

The Intel CHIPSEC team just posted the latest version of CHIPSEC, 1.2.0. Release notes excerpt below, see the full text on the github site, with known issues:

New/updates modules:
* Merged common.secureboot.keys module into common.secureboot.variables module
* Updated tools.secureboot.te module to be able to test PE/TE issue on Linux or UEFI shell
* Updated tools.smm.smm_ptr module

* Added the *controls* abstraction. Modules are encouraged to use “get_control“ and “set_control“ when interacting with platform registers. This permits greater flexibility in case the register that controls a given feature or configuration changes between platform generations. The controls are defined in the platform XML file. At this time, only a small number of controls are defined. We plan to move existing modules over to this new mechanism.
* Added XML Schema for the XML configuration files
* Support for reading, writing, and listing UEFI variables from the UEFI Shell environment has been added.
* Added support for decompression while SPI flash parsing via “decode“ or “uefi decode“ commands in Linux
* Added basic ACPI table parsing to HAL (RSDP, RSDT/XSDT, APIC, DMAR)
* Added UEFI tables searching and parsing to HAL (EFI system table, runtime services table, boot services table, DXE services table, EFI configuration table)
* Added DIMM Serial Presence Detect (SPD) ROM dumping and parsing to HAL
* Added “uefi s3bootscript“ command parsing the S3 boot script to
* Added virtual-to-physical address translation function to Linux/EFI/Windows helpers
* Added support of server platforms (Haswell server and Ivy Town) to

More Information:

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