Apple Bitcode

At their recent annual developer conference, Apple mentioned ‘Bitcode’, a new bytecode technology that may give Apple some hardware independence options in the future.

“Bitcode is an intermediate representation of a compiled program. Apps you upload to iTunes Connect that contain bitcode will be compiled and linked on the App Store. Including bitcode will allow Apple to re-optimize your app binary in the future without the need to submit a new version of your app to the store. For iOS apps, bitcode is the default, but optional. If you provide bitcode, all apps and frameworks in the app bundle need to include bitcode. For watchOS apps, bitcode is required.

Will Bitcode show up on OSX or just be in iOS? Will Bitcode impact Apple firmware? Will Apple firmware use Bitcode instead of EBC (uEFI ByteCode)? I wish I knew, no answers just questions… 😦 Perhaps Bitcode will not impact Apple firmware, and this post is off-topic.

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