FreeBSD 10.2 beta1 released

Today FreeBSD announced availability of release 10.2-BETA1.

Amongst the new features/changes in this release, for firmware these changes are interesting:

* The uefisign(8) utility has been added. [r282974] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)
* The acpi(4) subsystem has been updated to version 20150515. [r284460]
* Throttling via ACPI and P4TCC via device.hints(5) have been turned off by default. [r276986]
* The boot loader has been updated to support entering the GELI passphrase before loading the kernel. To enable this behavior, add geom_eli_passphrase_prompt=”YES” to loader.conf(5). [r281843]
* The memory test run at boot time on FreeBSD/amd64 platforms has been disabled by default. [r283262] (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)

Besides the above changes, there’ve also been a variety of iSCSI changes, unclear if this impacts UEFI’s iSCSI at all. And the Hyper-V drivers have been updated, sponsored by Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center. [I am ignorant to Hyper-V technology, I guess I need to check how open source Hyper-V code in NanoBSD  impacts UEFI.]

More Information:

PS: Unrelated to FreeBSD release, appears Intel CHIPSEC team is about to release 1.2.1, there is activity on their Github site:

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