LinuxCon North America this August in Seattle

LinuxCon North America is happening this August, in Seattle for the first time (I think). A quick look at their schedule shows a variety of interesting presentations related to firmware security:

* Extending the Secure Boot Certificate and Signature Chain of Trust in the OS – Fionnuala Gunter, Hypori
* Resurrecting Internet Booting – Boot Boot, Booting Over the Internet – John Hawley, Intel
* Demystifying ACPI and EFI via Python and BITS – Josh Triplett
* ACPI for Network Switches – Dustin Byford, Cumulus Networks
* Tying TPMs Throughout The Stack – Matthew Garrett, CoreOS
* Turtles All The Way: Running Linux on Open Hardware – Rob Landley
* ACPI 6 and Linux – Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel
* The Bare-Metal Hypervisor as a Platform for Innovation – Russell Pavlicek, Citrix
* Suspend/Resume at the Speed of Light – Len Brown, Intel

Josh Triplett on BIOS BITS sounds especially interesting. It’ll be interesting to see if the boot boot reboot will get integrated with UEFI HTTP Boot support.

More information:

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