Firmware-related Twitter feeds, v0.2

A week or two ago I posted an initial list of Twitter feeds:

Below is a better list. It is still not comprehensive, but a bit better than previous list.

[ Many of you probably already know about this, but I’m a Twitter newbie. I don’t have a Twitter account. I only just starting “using” Twitter, in “digest mode”: I look at these web pages once/day, or each time I’m trying to figure out the latest news in firmware. But I don’t use it interactively, and look at the links as they change, that’s too much data and requires too many interruptions… 🙂 ]

Some Intel sites:

Some BIOS/UEFI security researchers (and/or some people who otherwise discuss UEFI issues):

For coreboot, in addition to main site, note that Michael Larabel of Phoronix does an *EXCELLENT* job of tracking coreboot checkins and related news:

I don’t yet have any good Twitter feeds for AMD or ARM that cover firmware and/or security yet, perhaps in a v0.3 revision of this list, sorry. For other chips, here’s a few:

I’m sure all of you know to use Twitter better than I. But just in case, you can setup custom feeds based on hash tags, two of which I’ve found used are:

I need to add feeds for AMD, ARM, and other chip makers, and the list of existing BIOS/UEFI security researchers, and start to work on a list of OEMs/IHVs/IBVs/ISVs. I’ll try to get a 0.3 update in a month or two. I have yet to find a Twitter to NNTP gateway…

Once of these days, I’ll learn how to use WordPress and Php, and WordPress plugins and customizations, and add some web resource links, like blogrolls and Twitter feeds, and vendor press/event/news page links, and archives. Sorry the blog has such a sucky UI, this is the default theme (I’d expected a bit more).

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