Intel ATR research on CERT VU 976132

Earlier today I posted on US-CERT’s recent vulnerability note for multiple UEFI vulnerabilties:

Later today, Intel has released new research about this:

Technical Details of the S3 Resume Boot Script Vulnerability

“This paper describes technical details of a vulnerability (VU #976132 / CVE-2014-8274) in the protection of EFI based system firmware and platform configuration when resuming from the S3 sleep state.  The issue was independently discovered and presented at 31C3 in December 2014. After discovering this issue, the Advanced Threat Research team has been working to notify BIOS developers and ensure that mitigations are created. We are releasing a test module for the open source CHIPSEC platform security assessment framework. This will assist users in identifying whether their platforms might be affected by this issue.

Read the full report here:

Click to access WP_Intel_ATR_S3_ResBS_Vuln.pdf

Note the part about a new CHIPSEC test, to test for this vulnerability, so watch the CHIPSEC Github for an update. I don’t see an update as of yet.

OEMS: please watch the security talk from Phoenix from the last UEFI Forum plugfest, especially the advise to run CHIPSEC before you ship any new systems. Please ensure your QA team uses fresh CHIPSEC builds.

Consumer Reports and other PC reviewers: Please add the CHIPSEC pass/fail data for any new systems. OEMs will improve their internal QA once they realize that the first thing the public reviewers will be calling out the OEMs on known-bad products.

More information:

Click to access WP_Intel_ATR_S3_ResBS_Vuln.pdf

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