October coreboot conference in Germany

There’s a coreboot conference being planned for this October in Bonn, Germany.  Carl-Daniel Hailfinger posted an entry on this in the coreboot blog yesterday. The audience is not only developers, but manufacturers of processors, chipsets, mainboards and servers/laptops/tablets/desktops with an interest in coreboot and the possibilities it offers.

“The preliminary plans are to coordinate the exact date of the conference to be before or after Embedded Linux Conference Europe, scheduled for October 5-7 in Dublin, Ireland. Planned duration is 3-4 days. This means we can either use the time window from Thursday Oct 1 to Sunday Oct 4, or from Thursday Oct 8 to Monday Oct 12.”

The conference needs to know if you’re going to attend, so they can plan the event. Look at the blog post for how to contact them.


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