NSA Playset from BHB

The “NSA Playset” has been going on for a while; the latest update from Black Hat Briefings last week is worth checking out:

The NSA Playset: A Year of Toys and Tools
Michael Ossmann
Inspired by the contents of the leaked NSA ANT catalog, the NSA Playset project has produced an array of gadgets with capabilities similar to those employed by the spooks. I will review the entire collection since the start of the project. This includes new tools for USB, PCI Express, I2C, GSM, Bluetooth, and a family of RF retroreflectors for eavesdropping on a wide variety of electronic devices. Now you can play along with the NSA!

Click to access us-15-Ossmann-The-NSA-Playset-A-Year-Of-Toys-And-Tools.pdf


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