Intel update on Debian and UEFI

Yesterday Brian Richardson of Intel UEFI posted a new blog entry on 32-bit UEFI and Linux support, with specific information about Debian.  It was NICE to see the Debian swirl as the icon on an blog post! 🙂 I am sometimes concerned that UEFI Forum and Intel only think about UEFI Forum-member Linux OSVs (Canonical, RedHat, SuSE) when it comes to UEFI and Linux. It’s NICE to see Intel working with non-UEFI Forum members on UEFI issues, especially Debian!

Blog excerpt:

“Thanks to Steve McIntyre from the Debian team for pointing out my error. Steve’s also helping organize a repository for information on UEFI implementations that don’t play nice with Linux. I think this is a great idea, so check it out if you have any relevant info. I’ll share my tips for testing UEFI & Linux in an upcoming post, in case you want to contribute to their project.”

Brian@Intel’s full blog post:

Steve@Debian’s blog post:

This repo of Linux UEFI information sounds GREAT!. Amongst the things it tracks, I hope it tracks the various Secure Boot strengths that Linux distributions have:

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