Supplyframe acquires Tindie

Earlier this week, Cabe Atwell at Make Zine wrote an article about Supplyframe’s acquisition of Tindie. Supplyframe is the group behind Hackaday. Excerpt of Cabe’s article:

In an effort to make it easier for users to get their hands on the electronics needed for their varying projects, Supplyframe has recently acquired online marketplace Tindie — a place where Makers can buy and sell their respective products. Supplyframe feels that their recent acquisition will fill an important gap between prototyping and manufacturing where crowdfunding is not an option for some just yet. Users may be working on revision 1 for the project and want to see what “lean manufacturing” can do before committing or revising their projects, while others may simply want to produce only a few copies of their projects. Crazy, purchasable gear is sure to flood in the second it opens. This couldn’t be a smarter purchase, in my opinion. Ever read the comments at Hack-A-Day, every thread has a “where can I buy one” entry… that place will now be close.

Read the full article:
Tindie Becomes A Part Of The Hackaday Family

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