Linux Foundation: combining Yocto with Debian

The CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation occasionally does bids for research or work for related projects. One of the projects they’re interested in is supporting meta-Debian, a Yocto project that integrates with Debian. Earlier this week Tim Bird, Architecture Group Chair, CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation, announced their proposals, exerpted here to focus on the Debian/Yocto project:

The CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation occasionally solicits contractors for projects they are considering.  The following projects is currently under consideration for funding this year, and the CE Workgroup would be interested in hearing from you if you would like to work on them (and be paid for it!) For a while now, CEWG has been studying the feasibility of combining the Yocto Project with Debian, to create a system for using the Debian distribution for embedded projects.  The first proposal above, intends to solicit (paid) contributions to extending CEWGs project to more hardware and to include more libraries in the target distribution. If you are interested and are willing to get paid to work on this (producing or enhancing open source software to benefit the entire embedded industry), then please contact Tim Bird.

For the full announcement, see posting by Tim Bird. I’ve excerpting Tim’s announcement to only mention the meta-Debian project: he also mentioned two other projects, see the full announcement for details on those.

IMO, it would be nice to have Intel contributing to Debian in this way, providing Yocto-based vendors with more opportunities to use Debian, and helping Debian with embedded BSP (and hopefully some QA).

A bit of background on meta-debian, and some related projects:

Click to access Poky_meets_Debian_Understanding_How_to_Make_an_Embedded_Linux_by_Using_an_Existing_Distribution%27s_Source_Code.pdf

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