RISC-V Raven processor talk at HotChips

HotChips 2015 is happening in Cupertino, California later this month, 23-25th. Today Krste Asanovic posted a message on the RISC-V blog:

RISC-V at HotChips: Analyst Kevin Krewell has posted a HotChips preview at EE Times, which mentions the RISC-V Raven-3 presentation to be made in the last session at HotChips by Yunsup Lee.  UC Berkeley will again be sponsoring a table at HotChips to promote RISC-V, so please drop by if you’ll be there and want to chat about RISC-V uptake.

Hot Chips is a symposium on High Performance Chips, sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Microprocessors and Microcomputers, in cooperation with ACM SIGARCH. The RISC-V presentation is on the “Raven” processor:

Raven: A 28nm RISC-V Vector Processor with Integrated Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters and Adaptive Clocking
by: Yunsup Lee, Brian Zimmer, Andrew Waterman, Alberto Puggelli, Jaehwa Kwak, Ruzica Jevtic, Ben Keller, Stevo Bailey, Milovan Blagojevic, Pi-Feng Chiu, Henry Cook, Rimas Avizienis, Brian Richards, Elad Alon, Borivoje Nikolic and Krste Asanovic, University of Berkeley

The EE Times blog article, by Kevin Krewell of Tirias Research, gives a good overview of all the vendors presenting at HotChips, focusing on the traditional ones (Intel, ARM, AMD, etc.), and calls RISC-V an “odd duck”. 🙂

The last session on Tuesday is traditionally the main “big” processor session. […] The odd duck in the session is an implementation of UC Berkeley RISC-V Vector Processor. Last year the Berkeley contingent showed off RISC-V instruction set in the break area, but now with a real chip, they made it to inside the auditorium. It’s not too often you see a chip design of this integration and complexity coming from academia. What started as a project to give universities a royalty-free and extendable CPU architecture to build on, has gained traction, especially in India and Asia for development purposes.”

RISC-V and Open Hardware aside, there are many other interesting presentations at Hot Chips 2015, including talks from Intel, ARM, AMD, and others. There are a handful of other Open Hardware/Maker-related talks, eg: Adapteva is talking about their Kickstarted chip, and Univerisity of Wisconson’s MIAOW project, an OpenGL API-compatible GPGPU.


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