ARM Tech Conference in November

(This week is Intel’s Developer Conference….) ARM has a Developer Conference in November in California. Like the Intel devcon, many of the presentations at the ARM event look very interesting, here’s a sampling:

* Building an ARM Cortex M4 Automated Firmware Update System
* The Future of Security for the Connected Car
* Use cases for ARM TrustZone dealing with mixed criticality applications
* Deploying Trusted Code to TrustZone: Easy as 1,2,3!
* IoT protocols for constrained devices
* Designing Security and Trust into Connected Devices
* Protection for Premium Content for Mobile, Smart TV, STB’s
* Resilient Internet of Things Security The End of Flat Security Models
* Bringing Mali, the Android GPU of Choice, to Wearables
* C++ Exception Handling on the ARMv7 Architecture
* De-Mystifying Automotive ADAS Collision Avoidance systems with Programmable SoCs
* Efficient Interrupts on ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers
* Addressing Debug Challenges for ARM based Heterogeneous Multicore SoCs
* ARM-based Secure IoT with Secure Boot and Secure software platform that delivers Data integrity, confidentiality, Anonymity and Non-Repudiation
* ARM mbed powering the Internet of Things that really matter
* Multi-Abstraction Hardware/Software Debug for ARM(R)v7/v8 Based SoCs
* New Intrusion Detection Methodology for IoT Cybersecurity using Programmable SoCs
* Development Tools for Writing Secure Software Targeting Cortex-M Processors
* IoT Security Therapy Panel: Becoming Less Insecure
* Windows 10 IoT for Embedded ARM Devices
* Building Confidence for the Internet of Tomorrow: How ARM-Powered Solutions Will Secure the IoT
* Code Verification Explained: Code Coverage and Unit Testing
* Improving Software Security through Standards Compliance and Structural Coverage Analysis
* New Approaches for Securing Mobile and Iot Devices Through Cognitive Technologies
* The Benefits and Ease of Establishing a PUF-Based Root of Trust on ARM Trustzone
* Resolving Security and Power Conflicts in ARM Cortex-M7 IoT SoCs
* Simplifying Software Development for Socs Containing Multiple Cortex-M Based Processors

September 4th is the Early Bird discount rate change. Expo passes are free.

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