GRSecurity quits


Today’s announcement:


“This announcement is our public statement that we’ve had enough. Companies in the embedded industry not playing by the same rules as every other company using our software violates users’ rights, misleads users and developers, and harms our ability to continue our work. Though I’ve only gone into depth in this announcement on the latest trademark violation against us, our experience with two GPL violations over the previous year have caused an incredible amount of frustration. These concerns are echoed by the complaints of many others about the treatment of the GPL by embedded Linux industry in particular over many years.”

DejaVu from 2004:
“Beginning today, May 31, 2004, development of grsecurity will cease. On June 7, the website, forums, mailing list, and CVS will be shut down. Due to a sponsor unexpectedly dropping sponsorship of grsecurity while continually promising payment, I began the summer in debt and had to borrow money from family to pay for food. If none of the companies that depend on grsecurity, some of them being very large, are able to sponsor the project, grsecurity will cease to exist. I am not looking for paypal donations at this point, unless those that donate do so with the recognition that despite their donation, grsecurity may still never be returning.”

Things are not looking good for embedded Linux security today. I don’t know the backstories. I wonder what happens next?

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