Seagate on Redfish and IPMI

Lee Calcote of Seagate wrote an article on the recent DMTF Redfish 1.0 release, and about Seagate’s support of this new API, and IPMI. Excerpts:

Like most systems manufacturers, Seagate supports IPMI and will continue to support it as a critical standard in the data center in lieu of broad adoption of Redfish. Where IPMI strains to meet the requirements of today’s massive multiscale environments, Redfish addresses IPMI inadequacies of interoperability, security, simplicity and scalability.

Redfish 1.0 is only the beginning. Seagate and other industry leaders are already engaging within the DMTF Scalable Platform Management Forum on enhancements beyond Redfish 1.0 standard.

What does Redfish mean for Seagate partners and customers? It means a new level of control, management and monitoring for the data center, using a modern, secure RESTful API that is commonly understood and will be widely supported.

Read the full post here:

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