Intel KGT

Wow, I wasn’t aware of Intel’s Kernel-Guard Technology (KGT) for Linux, until today. 😦

As found on the Twitter feed of Alex Bazhaniuk (@ABazhaniuk):

Intel Kernel-Guard Technology (Intel KGT) is a policy specification and enforcement framework for ensuring runtime integrity of kernel and platform assets.  The Intel® KGT framework allows policy writers to specify:
 * Which OS/platform resources to monitor
 * Actions to take when the monitored resource is accessed
 * A policy

A policy can be specified at build-time (embedded in the code), boot-time (such as through grub module), or at runtime (via configfs and script), and is enforced by an outside-OS component.  The Intel KGT framework, along with an appropriate policy, can be used to achieve immutability and runtime integrity of critical resources such as kernel code pages, kernel pagetable mappings, kernel interrupt descriptor table (IDT), control registers (CRs), MSRs, and MMIO regions. The Intel KGT is based on xmon, which is a thin VT-x component. Xmon runs in vmx-root (ring -1), de-privileges the OS, and uses VTx controls to trap access to specified resources and enforce policy specified actions. Xmon is not limited to using VT-x and, in the future, is expected to incorporate other CPU and platform features in addition to VT-x to enforce policy.    

Their Overview page gives a good introduction.

It looks like the last release was August 7th, with Intel TXT/tboot support:

More Information:

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