coreboot conference 2015 announced

What: coreboot conference 2015
When: October 9-11 2015 (after ELC-E)
Where: Bonn, Germany

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger announced the 2015 coreboot conference on the coreboot-announce list today. Excerpted announcement follows, see below URL for full details:

This conference and developer meeting is geared towards manufacturers of hardware (processors, chipsets, mainboards and servers/ laptops/ tablets/ desktops/ appliances) as well as developers of firmware with an interest in coreboot and the possibilities it offers as well as (potential) coreboot users. Both professionals and hobbyists are invited. The date of the coreboot conference is Friday October 9 to Sunday October 11, 2015. This is scheduled directly after Embedded Linux Conference Europe to make travel arrangements easier for people attending both events.
Call for presentations: We are looking for interesting talks/presentations about coreboot related topics for the first (and possibly second) day of the conference.
Call for discussion topics and development suggestions: We hope to stimulate discussion and foster new ideas as well as explore ways to improve code, development and deployment.
Call for profiles: This is the chance to tell others what you’re doing, what you can offer and in what area you’d like to collaborate.
Call for developers: If you want to do development all day, every day, just come and do it.

More Info:

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