KVM Forum 2015 materials available

[[ UPDATE: WordPress mangles the below URL to Pauolo’s SMM talk. Download the PDF from the linux-kvm.org link below instead. ]]

The KVM Forum recently finished, and their post-conference materials are available, including videos of some of the presentations. There are multiple interesting talks on QEMU and KVM for security researchers. Two talks that jump out to me are:

Securing secure boot: system management mode in KVM and Tiano Core
by Paolo Bonzini

Click to access 03×06-Aspen-Paolo_Bonzini-Securing_secure_boot.pdf

Using IPMI in QEMU
by Corey Minyard

Click to access 03×08-Juniper-Corey_Minyard-UsingIPMIinQEMU.ods.pdf

More Information:

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