FWTS updated

Ivan Hu of Canonical has announced the release of FWTS (FirmWare TestSuite), to 5.09.00. FWTS is a set of command line tools for Ubuntu-based and related Linux systems. It also includes a curses-based interface frontend, which is also the default UI to FWTS-live. FWTS is also included in LUV, the Linux UEFI Validation distribution, but it may be a few days until this latest release has been updated in LUV-live. The release features many bugfixes, as well as some new updates/features, including:

* Update ACPICA to version 20150717
* SMBios 3.0.0 tests supported
* acpi: add _CR3 test
* acpi: add _MTL test
* acpi: add _RST test
* acpi: add _PRR test
* dmicheck: SMBIOS 3.0.0 test

For more information, see the full announcement on the fwts-announce mailling list, and see the full changelog, /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz in the source tarball.


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