new list of IDA Plugins

There’s a new list of IDA Pro plugins:

Of the dozens on the list, besides the classics, I found a handful of interesting ones I’d never heard of, including these 3 ROM/firmware-related ones:

* Bootroom Analysis Library: IBAL is the IDA Pro Bootrom Analysis Library, which contains a number of useful functions for analyzing embedded ROMs.
* EFI Scripts: Some IDA scripts and tools to assist with reverse engineering EFI executables.
* Sega Genesis/Megadrive Tools: Special IDA Pro tools for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive romhackers. Tested work on v5.2, v6.6. Should work on other versions.

I’ve mentioned a few (3?) UEFI-centric IDA plugins in earlier blog posts, plugins I didn’t see on this list. I guess I need to track them down and help with this list.

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