tool: ebiso: UEFI bootable ISO image creator

Vladimir Gozora just created ebiso, an UEFI bootable ISO image creator, a newly-created UEFI-centric project on Github. It is so

The Primary intention of ebiso was to create simple bootable UEFI ISO image for ReaR on SLES11.

*  currently supports only 8.3 file name convention (Joliet might follow in future)
*  no additional dependencies
*  released under GPL
*  currently under heavy testing 😉
*  more info will come (maybe)

The project is new, unclear if it’ll work with non-SLES11 ISOs. Ebiso aside, rear looks like an interesting project as well:

Relax-and-Recover is the leading Open Source bare metal disaster recovery and system migration solution. It is a modular framework with many ready-to-go workflows for common situations. Relax-and-Recover produces a bootable image. This image can repartition the system. Once that is done it initiates a restore from backup. Restores to different hardware are possible. Relax-and-Recover can therefore be used as a migration tool as well. Currently Relax-and-Recover supports various boot media (incl. ISO, PXE, OBDR tape, USB or eSATA storage), a variety of network protocols (incl. sftp, ftp, http, nfs, cifs) as well as a multitude of backup strategies (incl. IBM TSM, HP DataProtector, Symantec NetBackup, Bacula, rsync).

More info:

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