tool: python-eficompressor

There are a few versions of the EFI compress/decompress tools outside of the UEFI Shell commands, for OS-level usage. Here are two, there are others, I am not sure which is most up-to-date:

Note there is an EfiCompress and EfiDecompress, as well as  TianoCompress (but no TianoDecompress). Comparing to the Tianocore commands for freshness would be useful:

As well, the UEFI spec has an appendix with some source code on this topic. I have not checked if the source in the spec is in sync with the sources on Tianocore.

I’ve heard that EFI/UEFI has had 4 versions of compression algorithms, at least one of them is broken in a few ways, but I don’t have any specific details. I am not sure of the variatios of the compression algorithms used over time by EFI/UEFI in EDK1 and EDK2, and current UEFI spec. I wish I could find some specific test that verifies these errors. Teddy Reed’s UEFI-Firmware-Parser is also a current tool that deals with this compression issue. I also wonder if there are more recent compression algorithms that’d be better suited for current UEFI usage.

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