Nikolaj on UEFI security, part 5

Nikolaj’s part 5 of his series on UEFI security. Google Translation of first paragraph:

On safety UEFI, Part Five

After a short break, we continue to talk about the safety of UEFI. This time we will focus on technology SecureBoot, its pros and cons, about the attacks on her and protect them. For the first time we are talking about SecureBoot standard UEFI 2.2 in 2011, but finally all the aspects have been implemented in version 2.3.1C in early 2012. The main developer of the technology has been Microsoft, which once said that to obtain a certificate of Windows 8 Ready for his not yet released the new operating system requires the implementation and integration SecureBoot by default on all new PCs. This announcement sparked a wave of sharp criticism from the supporters of the free software, which is successfully sunk, and until Habra. If you’re wondering what exactly ended confrontation MS and the community as SecureBoot looks after almost 4 years of growing up, and the attacks on him are still possible – welcome under the cut.


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