microcode update tool for Intel Broadwell systems

There’s a new firmware-related github-hosted project out there, as of the last hour: bdw-ucode-update-tool by Benjamin Woodruff:

Broadwell μcode Update Installer: Intel i5-5675C, i7-5775C, and i7-5700HQ microcode updates extracted from MSI’s UEFI updates, along with a tiny zero-dependency install script for Linux users. Intel’s late Broadwell chips shipped with a whole slew of stability issues, causing Machine Check Exception kernel panics on Linux and BSODs on Windows. While Intel hasn’t directly distributed any new microcode updates since January, they’ve apparently distributed updates to some motherboard vendors. Until Intel updates the downloads on their site, I’ve extracted the updates from MSI’s firmware, using a custom python script. I don’t use Windows however, so I’ve only personally verified the first case. I also don’t have installation instructions for Windows, as I don’t know how to install custom microcode updates on Windows. […]

Interesting solution… IMO, it sounds like Intel should be solving this directly, not forcing end-users obtain it from other IBV’s blobs. 🙂 I wish there was a tool that could tell me if a system had the latest microcode from the vendor, and how I could check if the vendor had updates available.

More information:



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