Minnowboard status

The Minnowboard community has given an update on the status of current and upcoming models:

“There have been a lot of reports / misconceptions of the MAX being discontinued (or being End of Lifed), these are not entirely accurate.  Some distributors are reporting the board is going EOL because we are coming up on a product SKU change due to user facing changes (things like pin 26 in the LSE are changing to provide a MCLK reference for example).  So while the A2 PCB based MinnowBoard MAXes are being EoLed, the A4s should be available shortly, and the MinnowBoard Turbot’s should be publicly available, in quantity, in early November (assuming production holds to the current schedule). We aren’t going anywhere folks, we have a lot of exciting things coming down the line, lures and software and we are hard at work on things for the future, so stay tuned!”

Below is URL of Google+ post:


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