Matthew Garrett’s new Linux fork

Matthew Garrett posted a blog bout leaving the Linux kernel community as a volunteer.

Excerpt from that blog:

Reaction to Sarah’s post about leaving the kernel community was a mixture of terrible and touching, but it’s still one of those things that almost certainly won’t end up making any kind of significant difference. Linus has made it pretty clear that he’s fine with the way he behaves, and nobody’s going to depose him. That’s unfortunate, because earlier today I was sitting in a presentation at Linuxcon and remembering how much I love the technical side of kernel development. “Remembering” is a deliberate choice of word – it’s been increasingly difficult to remember that, because instead I remember having to deal with interminable arguments over the naming of an interface because Linus has an undying hatred of BSD securelevel, or having my name forever associated with the deepthroating of Microsoft because Linus couldn’t be bothered asking questions about the reasoning behind a design before trashing it.

He also notes that “I’m doing a kernel. It won’t be big and professional like Linux.” It already has one commit:

kexec/uefi: copy secure_boot flag in boot params across kexec reboot

Kexec reboot in case secure boot being enabled does not keep the secure boot mode in new kernel, so later one can load unsigned kernel via legacy kexec_load.  In this state, the system is missing the protections provided by secure boot. Adding a patch to fix this by retain the secure_boot flag in original kernel. secure_boot flag in boot_params is set in EFI stub, but kexec bypasses the stub. Fixing this issue by copying secure_boot flag across kexec reboot.

More Information:

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