OEMs/IHVs: please read

Some advice from Teddy Reed for improving your pre-sales technical information (and other metadata, such as this Windows-centric blog post started on):

Next time you see some computer, ask if you can tell what kind of firmware it has — UEFI, coreboot, U-Boot, Libreboot, etc — and if it uses the Secure/Verified/Trusted/Measured flavor of it. Look in the pre-sales technical specs the vendor offers. Try to find more details than BIOS or UEFI, like if the OEM permits you to disable Secure Boot so you can install your own OS, etc.

I wish I could point to ONE hardware review source, like Toms Hardware or Consumer Reports, that shows this kind of information. I wish I could point to ONE OEM or IHV that currently does a good job in this regard.

In addition to Microsoft’s Designed-for-Windows-N logo, IMO, OSHWA should have an Open Source Hardware logos, to help entice some vendors and consumers. Perhaps those logos are the places to include the information about the firmware, as well? I guess the FSF’s RSF program is their Free Hardware program?

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