MJG on Secure Boot, Intel TXT, Linux, and security

A short security lesson from Matthew (click on Twitter link for follow-up post):

[BTW, sorry WordPress doesn’t seem to render Twitter’s HTML table when scrolling through the site If you ever see multiple blank lines in the post it is probably a Twitter URL that WordPress didn’t render, refresh to fix. You have to refresh on new pages, often, or view the post on a separate page (which generates a refresh). I post messages while online and finding news, but don’t spend a huge amount of extra time formatting the posting, simple ASCII text plus a few URLs. The interactive WordPress HTML UI to add a hyperlink triples the time to post each message, and WordPress won’t accept HTML <A> links. WordPress renders some URLs differently, like showing the image of a JPEG/PNG/etc, and showing the Youtube video link and hiding the rest of a web page which contains a Youtube URL — like Kickstart funding pages.]

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