SysMagazine: English translations of Nikolaj’s UEFI security series

I just noticed “Sysmagazine geek daily blog: a translation of the popular Russian IT blog,”. So, it contains English translated versions of Nikolaj’s Russian UEFI security series on I’d been using Google Translate, this is slightly easlier to use. Here’s the English version of Nikolaj’s series:

Here’s the original series:

In the last part of the series, he lists various people of interest, but not much about himself.  Nikolaj’s UEFI Tool is consistently at the top of Github’s active list for UEFI. More popular than Intel CHIPSEC, or the TianoCore Git mirrors. UEFItool is also one of the better maintained tools in the field of firmware security, very active at fixes. I’d put him near the top of the list, along with ITL, LegbaCore, and Intel ATR/CHIPSEC team, as a prime source of firmware security knowledge. He’ll be speaking at ZeroNights in Moscow this December on UEFI…

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