Red Balloon Security

“Red Balloon Security was founded in 2011 by two of the world’s leading cyber-security researchers. We are a Columbia Portfolio Company and a Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Company. “

“Project Symbiote: The First Universal Embedded Defense for all embedded devices. Cyber-security threat actors today are shifting to the lowest hanging fruit. Most networked devices shipping today are not desktops, laptops or servers and none of them have strong host-based defense. Your automotive, point-of-sale, unified communications, Internet-of-Things, SCADA, home and office equipment are highly vulnerable and are actively being compromised today, whether for corporate espionage, financial fraud, or state-to-state cyber warfare. Red Balloon Security is devoted to hardening all devices against malicious intrusion. Device manufacturers can now inject Symbiote Defense into any device regardless of CPU type and operating system. No hardware or source code modifications required. “

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