Another UEFI Hello World sample project

There’s a new hello world sample on using UEFI on Github, MyPkg by KurtQiao. The GPL-licensed sample code does a variety of things to experiment with UEFI:

* AHCI: sample how to manipulate AHCI mmio issue HDD identify cmd and ODD eject cmd.
* ctest: a uefi sample import c language.
* HddId: sample how to identify HDD data,support both AHCI and IDE mode.
* HiiMenu: sample how to use uefi HII.
* bootmgr: sample to manipulate UEFI variables, show/set BootOrder, show Boot####, BootCurrent.
* GPT: sample to read disk LBA1 to check GPT signature.
* 2048: small game in UEFI shell
* pwcyle utility that shutdown and RTC wakeup, support both DOS version and UEFI version, by different build.

This is a good starting point for UEFI beginners to start learning about UEFI, beyond just working with the single hello world app in Tianocore, and the rest of the live implementation code. It is similar to the “Bare Metal Examples” project, in this regard. As well, the Intel SSG UEFI training courseware lab samples are also good for this, though mostly targetting an IHV/OEM audience.

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