Open Compute Project’s new Firmware focus group

The Open Compute Project’s Hardware group is starting a new Firmware focus group, focusing on UEFI Forum and DMTF technologies. The group is led by Mallik Bulusu of Microsoft and Vincent Zimmer of Intel.

During our last meeting, we had a very good discussion about standardizing UEFI interfaces and what make sense and does not make sense. There is also a need to standardize and streamline FW updates, define bare metal provisioning scenarios and interfaces, extend security framework to include auditing and monitoring, UEFI configuration management, etc. Also, our alliance groups (UEFI, DMTF) are working on similar or closely related technologies. We want to make sure we work closely with them to make sure we are aligned.  Towards that end, Mallik Bulusu and Vincent Zimmer are willing to bootstrap this effort and lead a subgroup that is focused on this. Anyone interested in this topic and willing to contribute please send an email to Mallik and Vincent expressing your interest. The goal here is to a) come up with a specification that capture OCP member specification and b) working with our members and alliance partners to get buy-in and implementations for those specs. We will discuss this further in our upcoming monthly meeting.

For more information, see the posting on the OCP Hardware Management list, and their next upcoming monthly meeting.

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