ACPI debugger for Linux kernel

Last Friday, Lv Zheng of Intel sent a 5-part patch to the linux-acpi and linux-kernel mailing lists. Below is documentation excerpt from initial patch:

ACPICA / debugger: Add in-kernel AML debugger support

This patchset enables ACPICA debugger for Linux kernel and implements a userspace utility to access it.

A. Build the AML debugger
In order to build the kernel support of AML debugger, the following kconfig items should be enabled:
The userspace tool can be found at tools/power/acpi/tools/acpidbg. To build this utility, staying in tools folder and type “make acpi”.

B. Load the AML debugger during runtime
In order to use the in-kernel AML debugger, the following command should be executed using root user:
 # modprobe acpi_dbg
 # mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug
 # acpidbg

C. Batch mode
In order to support scripts, the userspace utility also supports single command batch mode:
 # acpidbg -b “help”
 # acpidbg -b “tables”
 # acpidbg -b “find _LID”
 # acpidbg -b “execute \_SB.LID0._LID”
You can find the documentation about the ACPICA debugger commands in:
 (The latest document can be found at
And refer to the chapter – ACPICA debugger reference to obtain the full description of the debugger commands. Note that not all commands are supported by an in-kernel AML debugger.

D. Unload the AML debugger during runtime
After terminating all acpidbg instances, the following command can be executed to remove the AML debugger from kernel:
 # rmmod acpi_dbg

The following tasks are not completed:
1. .flush() support in the kernel debugger IO driver.
2. multi-commands batch mode.
3. upstream the userspace acpidbg to the ACPICA upstream.

For more information, see the threads on the linux-kernel and linux-acpi mailing lists, run at

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