EFI updates in latest Yocto release

Elizabeth Flanagan of Intel’s Yocto Project has announced the release of Yocto 1.7.3. Yocto is the Intel-backed embedded Linux system based on OpenEmbedded. Intel’s LUV (Linux UEFI Validation) distro, as in LUV-live, is Yocto-based. There are 3 UEFI-related updates that I can see:

 * grub-efi: Add backslash lost from previous commit
 * grub-efi: Use the backport patch from grub
 * init-install-efi.sh: fix gummiboot entry installation


Hmm, isn’t Gummiboot dead, replaced by the SystemD boot loader? If so, why is it still actively-maintained in Yocto?

And what about tummiboot, an Intel TXT-based fork of Gummiboot, shouldn’t Intel make that active? I haven’t checked, I hope tboot is available under Yocto, for BIOS today, and UEFI someday soon.
(I’d swear I did a blog post on tummiboot, but WordPress’s search abilities suck, and I suck at tagging, can’t find the post at the moment.)

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