firmware social media forums

Earlier I was starting to create a list of Twitter feeds of firmware-related security researchers, since many use Twitter exclusively these days. But I have been hesitant to continue this, in case I don’t know about some researchers and not list them, etc. I’d rather let others manage the list, and luckily Jacob Torrey created a Twitter ‘firmware-security’ list so you can join yourself and I don’t have to create/maintain a list!

In addition to Twitter, there still are a few people who use blogs. Vincent Zimmer has been blogging on firmware for a long time, and he’s got the definitive post on firmware blogs:

I don’t know anything about Usenet, IRC/XMPP/IM, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or other social network communities which cover firmware security issues. If you know of one, please leave a comment on this blog (see left), or email me (see upper right).

For a future blog post, I’ll create a list of firmware-related mailing lists.

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