Linaro FW-Summit list migrates to UEFI Forum’s FWOS Forum

Al Stone of Red Hat announced on the Linaro Firmware Summit mailing list that the list would transition over to the new UEFI Forum’s FW/OS list. Excerpt of announcement:

Since the fw-summit mailing list was only meant as a holding place until we could set up a forum like this, we will soon be disabling the mailing list. Any and all of the discussions we would have had on fw-summit should now be held on the FW/OS Forum mailing list instead. […]  I would like to thank Dong Wei of UEFI especially, but also Michael Krau and the rest of the board of the UEFI Forum for all of their hard work and effort to make this public forum possible.  It was a bit of a stretch for everyone, but it got done.  Thanks!

Full announcement:

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