TI adds RapidIO support to U-Boot

Aurelien Jacquiot of TI recently submitted a patch to U-Boot, adding support for RapidIO, initially designed to support the TI KeyStone architecture. Comments from initial patch message:

“RapidIO is a high-performance packet-switched interconnect technology that can be used for messaging or memory transfers like Ethernet or PCIe. This feature adds the RapidIO boot functionality for slave mode (i.e. U-Boot does not fetch the images, images are pushed by a peer device/board). A new ‘rio’ command group allows to initialize and perform basic RapidIO operations. In addition the ‘mem’ group command has been enhanced in order to wait a given value in memory (to be notified that images have been pushed by peer). This feature has been firstly designed for TI KeyStone architecture and patches includes the RapidIO controller device driver for KeyStone architecture but it can used by any device/architecture that has hardware RapidIO support with DirectI/O. There just to add the corresponding RapidIO controller device driver. For more information, read the doc/README.rapidio documentation.”

More Information:

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