Updated UEFI training from Intel SSG

It appears there are a few new files on Tianocore.org, beyond latest EDK-II trunk source changes.

Intel has a multi-day training course for (presumably) Intel employees and partners. Intel releases the presentations and lab workshop materials for the course for public access, as part of the Tianocore project, and updates it periodically. And they recently updated it again, grab the 2 files at the top of the list, with recent dates. I just downloaded it, unsure what is new in the labs yet…

Also see updated versions of the online presentations here:

I think this page may be slightly out-of-date for the moment:

As for other updates to tianocore/EDK2, the EDK-II C Coding Conventions have been revised:

I usually find it is best to find fresh Tianocore files by looking at these two locations first:

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