AMI adds NFC to Aptio V

AMI has announced support of NFC (near field communication) support for Aptio V, their UEFI firmware solution. Excerpt from press release on the features added to adding to secure NFC:

“With the increasing use of NFC technology, American Megatrends Inc. is now developing NFC support for its flagship Aptio(R) V UEFI BIOS firmware to further security measures. Alongside this support, various features that incorporate NFC technology will be available to users. One of the features, the NFC BIOS Authentication, acts as a replacement to standard password authentication and gives users the ability to authenticate their BIOS using various methods and devices. Authentication can take place using an NFC-enabled cell phone, tablet or identification badge. Administrator and user privileges are based on badge identifications. When an NFC device is detected, the NFC device can be configured to initiate BIOS recovery and specific device booting. Other features will include a single sign on to pass information to the OS, diagnostic and debugging information, and NFC-based Bluetooth pairing.”

I presume this means that Tianocore has no NFC support. (I just realize I’ve never checked…)

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