UEFI gets more IPMI 2.0 features

Daocheng Bu of Intel added new IPMI libraries to UEFI’s public EDK-I dev kit. Earlier, IPMI 2.0 definitions were added, now a library to support a generic PIMI submitt command has been added:

Update Ipmi2.0 definitions header file and MdeModulePkg.dsc
file for Ipmi libraries. Add Ipmi realted libraries to support
generic Ipmi submit command. Also add Ppi/Protocol definitions
that will be produced by Ipmi Peim and drivers.

  MdePkg: Update Ipmi2.0 definitions header file.
  MdeModulePkg: Add IpmiLib and Ppi/Protocol header file.
  MdeModulePkg: Add BaseIpmiLib Null Library Instance.
  MdeModulePkg: Add PeiIpmiLibIpmiPpi Library Instance.
  MdeModulePkg: Add DxeIpmiLibIpmiProtocol Library Instance.
  MdeModulePkg: Add SmmIpmiLibSmmIpmiProtocol Library Instance.
  MdeModulePkg: Update MdeModulePkg.dsc file for IpmiLib.

   18 files changed, 803 insertions(+), 135 deletions(-)

More info: see the patch on the edk2-devel list:

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