BITS: new network-enabled release (and new mailing list)

Burt Triplett of Intel has announced the version 2070 release of BITS (BIOS Implementation Test Suite). The main new feature is network support, but also includes new UEFI and ACPI and Python features, better command line features, and other new features. I’ve just excerpted the first paragraph of the networking-centric portion of the announcement below, there are a lot of implementation caveats to read. See the full announcement for the list of features and bugfixes.

Note that there is also a new BITS mailing list, see below URL for ‘first post’ message in the archives:

BITS on EFI now supports TCP networking, using the Python socket module and various modules built atop it.  On EFI systems that provide `EFI_IP4_CONFIG_PROTOCOL` and `EFI_TCP4_SERVICE_BINDING_PROTOCOL`, we implement a `_socket` module in Python with support for TCP sockets over IPv4.  We then include Python’s higher-level socket module that runs on top of `_socket`.

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