Ubuntu’s UEFI Secure Boot: not a security measure

[[UPDATE: As Teddy Reed points out, this information is in the Ubuntu wiki, not just in a Ubuntu bug report:


IMPORTANT: Canonical’s Secure Boot implementation in Ubuntu 15.10 and early is primarily about hardware-enablement and this page focuses on how to test Secure Boot for common hardware-enablement configurations, not for enabling Secure Boot to harden your system. If you want to use Secure Boot as a security mechanism, an appropriate solution would be to use your own keys (optionally enrolling additional keys, see above) and update the bootloader to prohibit booting an unsigned kernel. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is planned to enable enforcing secure boot (see LP: #1401532 for details). “]]

Research the implementation of UEFI Secure Boot by a Linux/FreeBSD distro before presuming to rely on it to provide any security. 😦

“Ubuntu’s support for secure boot is solely intended as a compatibility measure so that media can boot on secure boot enabled computers. There are no current plans to enable secure boot as a security measure.”



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