Dan Luu on CPU bugs

We Saw Some Really Bad Intel CPU Bugs in 2015, and We Should Expect to See More in the Future

2015 was a pretty good year for Intel. Their quarterly earnings reports exceeded expectations every quarter. They continue to be the only game in town for the serious server market, which continues to grow exponentially; from the earnings reports of the two largest cloud vendors, we can see that AWS and Azure grew by 80% and 100%, respectively. That growth has effectively offset the damage Intel has seen from the continued decline of the desktop market. For a while, it looked like cloud vendors might be able to avoid the Intel tax by moving their computation onto FPGAs, but Intel bought one of the two serious FPGA vendors and, combined with their fab advantage, they look well positioned to dominate the high-end FPGA market the same way they’ve been dominating the high-end server CPU market. Also, their fine for anti-competitive practices turned out to be $1.45B, much less than the benefit they gained from their anti-competitive practices1. […]”


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