Kali 2016.1 UEFI user experience notes

Debian Derivative-based Kali just released a new release, with UEFI support, based on upstream Debian. J.A. Watson wrote an article for ZDNet about trying to install the latest release, focusing on UEFI issues. I’ve included a few UEFI-centric excerpts below. Additionally it sounds like the Kali Mini version is based on Debian netinstall, “but it doesn’t boot on a UEFI system”.

[…]  To top it all off, the new distribution is UEFI compatible, and installed without any problem on the systems I have tried so far. This is really the best news of all for me, because I have spent huge amounts of time fighting to get the previous Kali distributions properly loaded and configured on UEFI systems (NOT in Legacy boot mode). […]  It looks to me like what they have finally done is what I thought they should have been doing all along – they simply use the Debian installer, which has been able to deal with UEFI for ages. […] The new ISO images can be obtained from the Kali Downloads page, and these are also a pretty impressive creation. They can be booted in (normal) Live mode, in (forensic) Live mode, or they can be directly installed. As far as I can tell there is no way to install from a Live boot, and I consider that to be a good thing because the previous Live installers didn’t work worth beans on UEFI firmware systems. […] The bottom line is, the new Kali release is here, it’s beautiful, it works, even on UEFI firmware. […]

Full article:

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