Who created the ACPI ASPT spec?

Re: https://firmwaresecurity.com/2015/12/08/fwts-adds-test-for-undocumented-aspt-acpi/

Earlier, the FWTS team thought this ACPI ASPT (ACPI System Performance Tuning) spec was from AMD.  AMD looked into it, and thinks it is probably from Intel, as does Insyde Software. Intel/anyone: Do you know who wrote the spec? If so, please leave a comment or send email. Thanks.

AMD comment:
Well, as far as I can tell, nobody at AMD knows about the ASPT table. First I asked the relevant specialists, then I asked everybody associated with BIOS. Nobody recognizes it as an AMD thing.
Then we found an IBV .txt file that listed a bunch of Intel-sounding platforms associated with ASPT. So, could you double check whether this is really being seen on AMD platforms, please?
Even if you do find it on some AMD platforms, I’m now pretty sure it’s not an AMD thing. It might be a proprietary ACPI table added by an OEM or and IBV. I believe proprietary tables are allowed by the ACPI spec.

and a later comment:
It’s actually a definition from another silicon vendor for their overclocking information. Since the table only shows up on systems that support overclocking, it only shows up on systems with fast graphics controllers. That’s might be why “AMD” is referenced.

Another comment from a firmware vendor (IFV):
I believe you would be better served by contacting any of your contacts at Intel Client.  I’m not saying they will document this table, but it’s clear to me by looking at our code, this is Intel’s table. Maybe the AMD false pointer is probably because most overclocking systems have non-integrated graphics?

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